Inkwire screen share assist

Inkwire screen share assist

Inkwire makes it easy to share your screen with another Android user

Always wanted to help another Android user? Inkwire makes it easy to share your screen with another Android user. With just two clicks, you can request to view Android for another user. Once connected, you can optionally initiate voice chat and draw on the screen to guide them through the problem.

Good for:

* Help friends and family with phone problems
* Customer support for Android applications
* Training new Android users

Memory  card  recovery

Inkwire screen share assist

Common use of SD cards

Due to their relatively small size, SD cards are widely used in a number of consumer electronics devices to store gigabytes of data inexpensively.

They are found in digital cameras, video game consoles, set-top boxes, and home theater devices such as Blu-ray players, as well as in smart home / IoT devices such as surveillance cameras.

While early smartphones used SD cards, most phones switched to the smaller micro SD card format.

This is the two  best  video for yourself

Memory card definitions

(1) User-replaceable unit in a computer with RAM chips. “Memory card” primarily refers to flash chips in Definition 2 below. See storage unit.

(2) A removable unit containing non-volatile flash memory chips used for storage in digital cameras and mobile devices. The main types of cards are SD cards, memory sticks, and CompactFlash. The SD card family is the most popular. See Flash Memory, Memory Card Reader, SD Card, Sony Memory Stick, and CompactFlash.

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