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The sky is rosy

Indian best films  .

Priyanka Chopra Jonas heads the title for this touching 2019 film, with the premise that we will only be torn apart when we remember.

The film is narrated by Ayesha Choudhury (Zeira Wasim), a teenage girl who recently died of an incurable disease.

It tells the story of her parents ‘relationship and their struggle with their daughters’ illness. As if that wasn’t sad enough, The Sky Is Pink is based on a true story.

Jodhaa akbar

If you have the time and want historical romance, Jodhaa should be your choice.

The neoclassical book takes its inspiration from the marriage between the Mughal empire Akbar (Hrithik Roshan) and Rajput princess Jodha (Aishwarya Rai Bachchan).

What begins as a strategic alliance turns into a marriage of peers.

Irumbu Thirai

Irumbu Thirai is one of the best South Indian action thrillers.

There are plenty of films about cybercrime out there, but Irombo Therapy pulls them out of the park for talking about its social significance.

The film is based on a defensive information leak in which a man breached data and endangered the security of the country.

This Tamil thriller-thriller is without a doubt the best that brings us closer to the nuances of data theft.   Click 👇 👇


While we have already seen a remake of Drishyam in Bollywood, the original Malayalam movie also features excellent actors and plot. The happy family’s fortunes are transformed when their daughter is blackmailed for photographing.

Then the father of the family works hard to put an end to the ordeal. The film triumphs in every corner and is a masterpiece not to be missed.

Prana, 2019 (Malayalam)Indian best films

Indian best films

Directed by VK Prakash, the film contains only one actor – Nithya Menen, who plays Thara, a writer who wanted to prove that the so-called haunted house is not haunted.

VK Prakash has managed to decipher that what really causes chills is the expectation that something more terrible than it really is will happen.

Game over, 2019 (Tamil)

Tamil cinema has had a peculiar focus on comedy horror films in the recent past, with at least two films being produced every year.

However, Ashwin Saravanan Game Over, based on House Invasion, is a great horror / thriller movie that was filmed for a long time.

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This movie will get you on the edge of your seat, especially in the second half. With Taapsee on its head, Game Over is one of the best scary movies released recently in Tamil.

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