How to Take Screenshots Quickly Using Touch The Notch

How to Take Screenshots Quickly Using Touch The Notch

Touch The Notch is an innovative Android app that aims to maximize the functionality of the front camera cutout area, commonly known as the notch, on smartphones. Developed by Dubiaz, this clever utility transforms an often overlooked phone feature into a versatile shortcut button.

With over 500K downloads and a 4.6-star rating from almost 12K reviews, Touch The Notch clearly provides value for many users.

This in-depth review covers how the app works, key capabilities, pros and cons, top alternatives, and frequently asked questions to help you determine if Touch The Notch is right for your needs.

What is Touch The Notch?

Touch The Notch is an Android app that utilizes the Accessibility Service API to place an invisible button around the front camera cutout on compatible devices. This allows users to set custom actions for different touch gestures, essentially turning the notch area into a convenient shortcut zone.

With simple taps, long presses, swipes and other gestures, you can quickly take screenshots, toggle flashlight, launch apps, adjust brightness, control media playback, and much more. The app offers deep customization and personalization options while emphasizing data privacy and security.

How Touch The Notch App Work

The core functionality of Touch The Notch stems from Android’s Accessibility Service API. This allows apps to interact with user interface components in a variety of ways.

By enabling Touch The Notch’s accessibility permission, the app gains the ability to overlay an invisible button around your device’s front camera cutout. This button anchors itself around the edges of the notch area.

You can then assign various actions to different gestures:

  • Tap – Take a screenshot, launch an app, toggle flashlight, etc.
  • Double Tap – Open secondary app options
  • Long Press – Adjust brightness, switch sound profiles
  • Swipes – Control media playback, scroll through menus

So a simple tap on the notch area can instantly launch the camera or dialer app. A long press lets you slide to control brightness, while a swipe switches between tracks. The customization potential is immense.

Features of Touch The Notch

Touch The Notch stands out for its deep personalization capabilities and focus on transforming the notch into quick access for daily functions. Key features include:

Fully Customizable Gesture Actions

The core value proposition of this app is the ability to assign custom actions to various touch gestures. You have independent control over tap, double tap, long press and swipe gestures. This level of personalization ensures the notch shortcut fits your unique needs.

Instant Access to Essential Functions

With the notch area activated as a shortcut button, core phone functions like flashlight, screenshots, screen recording and media playback are instantly accessible. You can even set single, double and long press gestures to launch specific apps.

Adjustable Brightness, Sound and Orientation

Touch The Notch allows notch gestures to control useful phone settings. You can swipe to adjust brightness, switch sound profiles from ring to vibrate, and toggle auto-rotate on/off. This convenient access eliminates unnecessary navigation for frequent settings changes.

Emphasis on Privacy and Security

The developer states no user data is collected, stored or shared with third parties. Only accessibility permissions required for core functionality are needed.

Continuous Improvements and Updates

Recent updates have squashed bugs, boosted compatibility across devices, improved one-handed usability and added new capabilities like a QR code reader. The app’s positive trajectory highlights the developer’s commitment.

Pros of Touch The Notch

Innovative conceptTransforms overlooked notch into a versatile shortcut zone
Fully customizableEvery gesture can be assigned to fit personal preferences
Feature-packedTons of capabilities from media controls to flashlight access
Impressive ratingsOver 500K downloads and 4.6-star average across nearly 12K reviews
Private and secureNo user data collection or unnecessary permissions
Regular updatesSquashes bugs and introduces useful new features

Cons of Touch The Notch

Accessibility requirementNeed to enable accessibility permission for core functionality
Occasional compatibility issuesCan struggle with some device models and Android versions
Landscape mode limitationsSome users note issues effectively using gestures in landscape orientation
Impact on battery lifeConstant accessibility service access may reduce battery duration
One-handed mode quirksReported bugs when enabling one-handed display modes

Touch The Notch Alternatives

AppKey DetailsRating
Notcha – Secondary LauncherSimilar notch access app by the same developer4.0
Dynamic IslandAnother notch utility app gaining popularity4.2
NotiGuy – Notifications IslandFocused on notifications management3.3
Always On EdgeUses edge lighting for music & notifications4.0
Texter – Text RepeaterCreates a floating shortcut for text messages3.4

Conclusion and Verdict: Touch The Notch

In conclusion, Touch The Notch delivers an innovative concept that gives the front camera cutout true purpose. Transforming this often overlooked phone feature into a customized shortcut zone proves both creative and practical.

The app does precisely what it promises – empowers your notch area and eliminates unnecessary navigation to frequently used functions. Yes, you need to enable accessibility permissions, and landscape mode has some quirks. But for most users, those are pequels compromises given the convenience and customization gained.

Combined with strong user ratings, continuous improvements, an excellent track record for security and privacy, Touch The Notch emerges as a top option for maximizing the utility of your device’s notch area. Unless you absolutely require flawless landscape orientation use or tireless battery life, this tiny app promises big convenience gains.

Overall rating: 4.5/5 stars

FAQs: Touch The Notch

Does the app impact battery life?

The constant accessibility service access can negatively impact battery duration over time for some users. Adjusting timeout settings may help.

What are the best uses for the app?

Assigning gestures to instantly launch camera and flashlight while also controlling brightness and media playback provides the most versatile functionality.

Can you adjust the transparent button size?

No, the invisible button anchors itself to the edges of your device’s front camera cutout automatically without sizing adjustments.

What Android version is required?

Android Lollipop 5.0+ is needed. Some users on Android 13 have reported bugs the developer is working to address.

Does it work with third-party launchers?

Yes, Touch The Notch is fully compatible with alternative home screen launchers. The accessibility service functionality remains consistent.

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