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High Style Launcher – AppLock, HideApp, Hitech Wallpaper, Folders and Themes are easy to use, elegant and offer higher performance.

It designed your phone’s home screen in a futuristic user interface that features a next-generation launcher and standard theme for your Android phone.

New, clean and perfect user interface design, which gives the user a more simple and better interactive control experience. It has cooler and more useful features and all color themes enhance your phone in different styles.

App lock:
Password Lock App, now you don’t need a separate app to lock your apps.

Hide app:
Application for hiding fingerprints. You can hide your apps from the app list.

Incredibly faster and smarter:
High Style Launcher offers users a very fast and smarter handling with a simple and smooth user interface.

Stylish appearance:

It is more elegant than launcher as it offers colorful and beautiful themes for users. We have created a theme for you with lots of love and affection so that users can give their phones a new, new, definitive and virtual look every day.

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Portfolio:You can better manage your application using the folder function. You can press and hold any icon to convert it to a folder and vice versa.

Hi tech background and simple background added which can change color with your theme color. You can also apply the background image from your gallery.

You can personalize the phone with a long press and change the application as you like.

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Easier access function:
It gives you an easier way to access all of the apps by simply swiping left to get the full app info, uninstall the app and get the app info.

Clock, weather information, memory analyzer, music player, calendar, map and battery tool are available in the High Style Launcher.

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Key Features

High style launcher apk
– High Style Launcher offers unique and cool color themes.
– You can change the application by long pressing the icons.
– View all the applications installed on the mobile phone by swiping left.
Clean and smooth user interface.
Power saving mode.

Features easy to change.
Easy activation or deactivation of the animation.
Replace the app icon with another app shown on the home screen by long-pressing the icon.
– Smoother and faster animations.
– Uninstall the application by simply long pressing the application in the application list.
– You can make the status bar visible / invisible in the launcher settings.

High Style Launcher is a fast and easy-to-use launcher for Android that is aligned with the future of the user interface.

This app offers you many customization functions that will turn your Android phone into a complete look for the hi-fi player. Say goodbye to the old launcher and use the new high-end launcher – AppLock, HideApp, HitechWallpaper, Folder and Themes for a better experience.

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