Flash notification call apk

Flash notification call apk download

Flash notification call apk

The lightning bolt flashes when I have an incoming call, all message and app notifications

Flash 3 (New) is an application to flash a Flash when you receive a call or a message, a notification from apps.

Flash 3 is one of the best and most useful apps that must be available on Android phones. When there is an incoming call or an incoming message (SMS, Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp …), the phone flash will flash for notification.

The main functions of the application:
Flash notification of incoming call
Blink blink when a message arrives
Flash notification for apps:

Flash flash when all apps are notified (if there are messages and calls).
DJ lights flash for party purposes
SOS Flash: You need to attract attention in important situations.

👍 Other useful Flash 3 customizations:
✔ Choose the style of lightning: the app supports two different types of lightning which can help you be different.
Change the lightning speed (10 different lightning speeds are available)

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More about Applications

see the youtube channel

 Smart function – does not blink when you are using the phone
Lightning support front and rear
✔ The application is compatible with most types of Android phones including all types like Samsung, Oppo, Xiaomi, HTC and Vivo …

Best if you have a party and can use it as LED or DJ light. In this application you can control the intensity of the flash.

What’s news

Add smarter features.
⭐️ Include instructions on how to fix unstable problems on some devices. Just open the app, tap the question mark at the top of the app and follow the instructions.
⭐️ If the application stops working, just open the application again.

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