Exercise Just 16 minutes

Exercise Just 16 minutes the young to fly

Exercise Just 16 minutes

Many people say that they walk for an hour every day but they do not lose weight and walking does not help them to lose fat,

this is true because usually just walking helps them lose weight. It doesn’t matter if you start a 2 hour walk instead of an hour.

For example, if you want to drive a nail into a wood and you don’t have a hammer, then no matter how many times you hit the nail with your finger, it will not affect the nail.

In this article, we will learn five exercises to reduce belly fat. By doing just 16 minutes daily, in two to three weeks,

where your belly fat will start to melt, you will also start to feel that you are on the ground. But they are not walking but flying.

Do these exercises in the order given below and change your life in a magical way.

Exercise No. 1 Squarts (20 Second)


Learn how to do this exercise in the video above.

This exercise is not just an exercise but it will give so much life to your body that in a few days you will feel like you can jump and fly.

Exercising will make your lower extremities stronger and stronger and the excess fat in them will melt away.

Quadriceps, Calves, Hamstrings, Abdominal Muscles, Lower Back and Butts.

Immediately after doing 20 second squats, start Exercise No. 2 without a break

Exercise No. 2 Dynamic Pushups (20 Seconds)

Learn how to do this exercise in the video above because this exercise will change

your life and this exercise will make you a commando in just a few days for which nothing is impossible.

This exercise will increase the functional strength of your body and will strengthen all the muscles of the body,

especially your try-ups, biceps, core muscles and lower body muscles, just 20 seconds of this exercise. After doing, go to Exercise No. 3 without a break.

Exercise No. 3 Cobra (20 Seconds)

This cobra exercise, which looks relatively easy compared to the rest of the workout, will melt your belly fat like a fire melts wax.

You will be happily exhausted, just after doing this workout for 20 seconds, immediately go to the fourth exercise and do not take any break in between.

Exercise No. 4 Jumping Jacks (20 Seconds)

This very simple exercise will not only remind you of the school days but will also make your whole body strong and active.

If you don’t know how to exercise, learn how to do Jumping Jacks from any child or get guidance from YouTube.

And after doing this exercise for only 20 seconds, go to the last exercise ie exercise number five without any break.

 Mountain Climbers (20 Seconds)

Learn how to do this exercise by clicking on Mountain Clibers and add it to the fifth exercise of your workout because

this exercise teaches the old to the young and the young to fly.

At the end of this exercise your 100 second exercise The first set of will be completed.

At the end of the workout, take a break of one and a half minutes ie 90 seconds and after the break start these five exercises of 100 seconds again in the same order.

You have to do 10 sets of these exercises which are about 16. Make minutes and 40 seconds

and take a full rest every 4 days and then make the same workout part of your routine for the next four days and remember that you can do this exercise.

Note: The elders say that the first day’s ride is difficult and then with each passing day this ride becomes easier for you,

we know that this workout will be difficult for you in the beginning but with each passing day You will get used to this hardship and it will become easier for you.

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