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Best Bollywood movie for all time Best movie

Zindage na mileage dobara film

If you want to do something real, chasing the sun’s rays and visiting the places offered by Spain,

this show featuring Haritak Roshan, Farhan Akhtar and Abhay Deol is perfect for this occasion.

After reuniting three childhood friends, the trip gives them the opportunity to grow not only as bonds but as people.


This emotional drama revolves around the journey of track and field track and field by Malka Singh.

It also deals with the emotional turmoil that has plagued Pakistan and India.

The film won several awards for its Bollywood sports drama this year.

2 STATE FILMBest Bollywood moive

Romantic comedy movie

Best Bollywood movie

A romantic comedy, starring Alia Bhatt and Arjun Kapoor,

lovingly charting a couple’s love story against the broader blows of cultural inequality and prejudices.

The film beautifully highlights the regional spectrum of India where the pragmatic

issues of seeking marriage stem from your ‘trans-state’ love interest.


Based on a true murder case in India, Talvar is about a teenage girl, her family, and their servant.

Hard facts, emotional turmoil, courtroom drama, and plenty of investigation –

this is the movie at its core. But it was Irrfan Khan’s performance that took it all.

The attention to detail and his portrayal of a weary, out-of-the-world detective is top notch.


Best Bollywood movie

Like Neerja, Airlift resorts to retelling an inspiring story about a long forgotten time.

It’s a fascinating but simple account of the evacuation of more than 100,000 Indians from Kuwait after the outbreak of the Iraq-Kuwait War in 1990.

More than about Applications

See the youtube channel

A Kuwaiti businessman with no interest in returning to India suddenly finds renewed

enthusiasm to lead the largest civilian evacuation ever in a war-torn country.

There are ups and downs around every corner,

but veteran Bollywood actor Akshay Kumar does an excellent job of using his persuasiveness in a time of constraint

by negotiating deals with other governments and the elusive Indian government to keep his people safe Bring home.


Piku would have been a commercial failure if it had been released five years ago.

I’m not saying this because it’s a slow and exhausting film, but because the mood of Bollywood audiences has changed a lot in recent years.

People learned to be patient with movies, accepted the fact that some movies don’t have “item” songs, damn it, some don’t even have songs anymore.

The sensitivity of Bollywood audiences has matured to the point where a simple story, well told, can gently pull the hearts of a million people.

And sometimes honest is the best kind of cinema.

Piku is a simple Bengali girl who lives with her senile father, Bhaskor, who has irritable bowel syndrome (or at least what he fears).

The duo are forced to take a long road trip from their parents’ house in Calcutta to sort out some property issues.

Your driver (Irfan Khan from Jurasic World) brings humor and charm to the tense father-daughter dynamic.

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