Wifi router master apk

Wifi router master apk best application

Wifi router master apk

The WiFi Router Master: WiFi Analyzer, WiFi Speed ​​Test and Detect Who is on my WiFi!

WiFi router master app is a handy WiFi manager and WiFi analyzer tool (WiFi analyzer, WiFi speed test, WiFi signal

strength meter, WiFi security, Who is using my WiFi, WiFi channel rating, etc.).

WiFi Router app is a powerful WiFi Shield, WiFi Blocker and WiFi Thief Blocker to detect who is using my WiFi and protect my WiFi security.

It is a speed test tool that you can use to test internet speed and wifi speed.

Main features:
Detect who is on my WiFi (who is using my WiFi)★★
WiFi Router Master – WiFi Analyzer app can easily scan my WiFi and see how many devices are connected to your WiFi router,

e.g. B. tplink/tp-link routers, dlink routers, Netgear routers, etc.

With WiFi router master app you will know in seconds how many and which devices are connected to your WiFi router with IP, MAC and provider list.

★★Internet Speed ​​Test★★
With just one tap, Speed ​​Test app tests internet speed and quickly shows accurate broadband speed test results including WiFi hotspot, LTE, 4G, 3G networks.

★★WiFi Analyzer★★
WiFi Analyzer shows the WiFi channels around you. Helps you find a less crowded channel for your wireless router.

It can tell you the wifi signal strength and see the wifi signal is better.

★★WiFi Signal Strength Meter★★
WiFi Router Master can quickly check your WiFi strength to help you find the best location.

WiFi Analyzer can show the signal strength of your current WiFi connection and detect the WiFi signal strength around you in real time.

★★Router Settings★★

With WiFi Router Master you can easily access your admin page and make changes to your router settings.

Router settings app will help you access modem router page of all router modems ( or etc).

★★Router Passwords★★
If you forgot your router passwords and now you can’t access them, WiFi Router Master –

Hidden spy camera👇


WiFi Analyzer app is now an easy and quick way to retrieve them. It helps you discover default keys and passwords of the world’s best-selling wireless routers.

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★★More tools★★
• WLAN list – Easy access to the WLAN list
• Ping – Test Internet speed

More about Applications 

• Whois – provides information about a website and its owner
• And much more…

Do you want to improve your WiFi and easily manage your WiFi? You just need to launch WiFi Router Master – WiFi Analyzer & Speed ​​Test and it will help you!

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