Wifi password Show key apk

Wifi password Show key apk free download best application

Wifi password Show key apk

Show all Wi-Fi passwords, Wi-Fi Speed ​​Analyzer and Wi-Fi Automatic Connect.

Wi-Fi Password Show and Wi-Fi Analyzer is a useful Wi-Fi tool to restore the passwords of all the wireless networks you have ever been connected to.

Often we forget the Wi-Fi network password, don’t worry, Wi-Fi password recovery helps to recover all the passwords from your system database.

However, this requires root authority. You can measure your wireless connection wireless connection speed, signal strength, your IP address and much more about you.

Wi-Fi password key indicates the need for root to restore Wi-Fi password.

Wi-Fi Password Show provides you with all the stored Wi-Fi passwords for wireless networks that you have previously connected.

Automatic WLAN connection:
Automatic wireless connection helps your device, the wireless connection is automatically turned on or off to save battery.

You can set the time and date so that Wi-Fi automatically shuts off when you turn on your device or enter a specific location.

Turn on Wi-Fi when the screen is unlocked. Disable Wi-Fi when the screen is locked. Enable wireless connection on and off.

WiFi Analyzer:

Wifi password Show key apk
Wi-Fi Password Show and Wi-Fi Analyzer is a useful wireless tool for analyzing and optimizing your Wi-Fi networks.

Check the signal strength and find the best place where no fault was found. This wireless network analyzer helps reduce interference and increase connection speed stability.

Graphical display of signal strength of access points over time. Wireless band, signal strength, security and SSID

Wifi speed test:
Wi-Fi Speed Test – check, check the speed of the speed of the Internet is the best tool, just click speed test.

It shows the speed of Wi-Fi and the Internet. Wi-Fi speed test helps to achieve just ping, download and upload speeds to ensure and network security of Wi-Fi hotspots.

WIFI password Show App Key Features:

Show  WiFi password is the best Wi-Fi password recovery app.
list of all Wi-Fi passwords stored in your device.

list of available Wi-Fi connections with the signal strength.
Shows SSID and all connection passwords stored in one device.

Displays current network and its password connected.
• Show WiFi Password Key Viewer and WiFi key recovery.

Recover password master key and WiFi password key.
The best WLAN Optimizer, WiFi Manager and WiFi Analyzer.

Accurate WiFi-load speed and upload speed measurement.
MAC address of the access point.
WLAN signal strength, speed test and measurement speed.

Recover lost passwords WiFi and show all WiFi passwords.
Network SSID, network security and channel rating.

Free WiFi password key to the connected devices.

Check and find the WLAN channel signal strength for a good WiFi signal signal around you.
Disconnect automatically with a single click.
Mains frequency, channel estimation and

WiFi password request show use, such devices have WiFi password restore his roots superuser privileges. Still without root, you can use all other functions such as WiFi Speed Test, WiFi Analyzer, wireless automatic unlocking and Connect.

Wi-Fi password display and analysis does not detect Wi-Fi passwords.
It is not a hacking tool.

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Has this application does not pass any kind of user’s personal information to third parties or use.

do not share  This app information or user names or passwords with others
We do not store any kind of user data in this app.

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