Voloco auto vocal tune studio

Voloco auto vocal tune studio free download application

Voloco auto vocal tune studio

The Voloco is a mobile recording studio and audio editor that helps you out.

Downloaded 50 million times.
Singers, rappers, musicians

and content manufacturers have downloaded Voloco 50 million times as we pick up their voices and allow them to record like a professional with intuitive tools and free blow.

Create music and content with the Voloco-Aben-Rated Vocals and Recording app. Get a better title, demo, voiceover and video performance today with this audio editor and voice recorder.

The sound of a studio without a studio
Sounds like a professional No studio, microphone or sophisticated software, just our recording app.

Voloco automatically removes background noise and allows the pitch to adjust it harmoniously.

Voloco also gives you a variety of default settings for compression, EQ, auto voice melody and reverb effects so that your recordings can be perfectly polished.

Try the best pitch in the Voloco-Aben-Audio Editor app Karaoke-Singen.

Free Beat Library

Choose from thousands of free beats by top producers that have turned into rap or song. Voloco automatically recognizes the blow key to ensure that they are in sync unlike other apps.

Import your beats for free.
Use your heartbeat when recording for free with Volvo.

Act on existing audio or video.

Implementing effects or Voloco Beats audio, which you record elsewhere is in our audio editor.

You can also use Voloco Effects such as Reverb or Auto Voice Melody of the Singing Videos Operating Voloco as a dictation machine and changer.

You can import the voice changer video of this recording app and a featured interview and add effects to the sound like a child or angry. Be creative, try something new!

Make a noise

With vocal remover makes sounds that are different from existing songs or beats and a little more incredible.

Would you like to listen to Elvis with pitch correction? Import a song, split the sound with vocal remover, select an effect,

add a new beat, and you have a remarkable remix.

You can even sort and edit music video songs or try to separate Voloco as Vocal’s Karaoke app with our Vocal Remover.

This is easy if you want to mix your own with another app. You can rap or sing, take yourself and just export your voice as AAC or WAV for the final mix in your preferred DAW.

Top title
Take a look at some professional quality track users with Voloco in the top recording section of Vocals and Recording app.

Text Pad

Voloco auto vocal tune studio
Record your lyrics so you need top recording app or belt to karaoke with your friends.

50+ effects
Uuluku 12 preset group includes 50 effects in the pack. Discover the basic effects such as Voice ryurb and auto chord or change in voice recorder and voice changer.

Starter: atutun two types of melody, harmony, a full set, a monster uukudr and set just one clean for noise reduction.

LOL: ubratu, funny drunk melody and vocal effects like fries.
Scary: aliens, demons, ghosts and much more.

Download application 

Talk Box: Classic and future funk sounds.
Modern Rap I: stereo width of your voice, the thickness and weight.

Modern Rap II: Extended harmony and Advertising Labs great impact Ltd are the best.

Drink: Extreme pitch correction and seventh chord. R n B and best rap beat.
Hayur Bone: Bone Ivoire song “Woods” style in lush harmony and auto-voice melody.

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