Voloco auto vocal tune studio

Voloco auto vocal tune studio apk free download

Voloco auto vocal tune studio

Automate voice from your phone like a pro and easily export to social media.

Voloco is a mobile recording studio and audio editor that helps you sound great.

Voloco has been downloaded over 50 million times by singers, rappers, musicians and content creators because we elevate

your sound and let you make recordings like a pro with intuitive tools and free beats.

Create music and content with Voloco – the top rated song and recording app.

Record great clips, demos, podcasts, and video shows with this audio editor and audio recorder today.

Studio sound without a studio
Look like a pro – no studio, microphone or complicated software required,

just our recording app. Voloco automatically removes background noise and lets

you adjust the tone of your voice to keep you in tune. Voloco also provides you with a variety of presets for compression,

EQ, auto volume tuning, and echo effects to perfect your recordings. Try singing karaoke with perfect tone in the best voice editor app  Voloco.

Free Beat Library

Choose from thousands of free lyrics submitted by top producers to rap or sing.

Voloco automatically detects a tempo switch to make sure you’re in tune, unlike other singing apps.

Import your beats for free.
With Voloco, you can use your beats when you sign up for free.

Current audio or video operation
It’s easy to apply Voloco effects or rhythms to audio you’ve recorded elsewhere in our audio editor.

You can also apply Voloco effects like echo or auto volume adjustment to sounds from pre-recorded videos –

use Voloco as a voice recorder and changer. This recording and voice changer app allows

you to import a video of meeting a celebrity and add effects to make them look like a child or an angry stranger. Be creative, come up with something new!

Making noises
Extract audio from existing songs or beats with Audio Remover – and create something cool.

Want to hear Elvis with pitch correction?

Import a song, separate sounds with Audio Remover, choose an effect, add a new beat, and

you’ll instantly have an unforgettable remix. You can also extract and edit songs from music videos or try using Voloco as a karaoke app by extracting songs with our audio remover.

If you want to finish your mix with another app, that’s easy. You can rap or sing to a track, record yourself, and simply export your voice as AAC or WAV for final mixing into your favorite audio workstation.

The most important audio clips

Check out some of the professional-quality tracks that users have created while recording with Voloco in the Top Tracks section of the Songs & Recording app.

Song Lyrics Pillow
Write your own words so you have everything you need to make the best recordings in the app or belt karaoke with your friends.

More than 50 effects
Voloco features over 50 effects grouped into 12 pre-set packages.

Discover basic effects like echo and auto volume tuning or change your voice in voice recorder and changer.

Novice: Two flavors of Auto Vocal Tune, rich tune preset, brutal vocoder, and clean noise-reduction preset only.

LOL: Funny effects including vibrating rhythms, drunken tunes and vocal frying.

Terrifying: aliens, demons, ghosts and more.
Talk Box: Classic and Futuristic Electro Funk Sounds.

Modern Rap: Add the width, thickness and height of your stereo to your sound.
Modern Rap II: Expanded harmony and perfect effects for commercials.

P-Tain: severe pitch correction as well as the seventh chords. Perfect for RnB and rap beats.

Bon Hever: Rich harmony and spontaneous vocal melody in the style of Bon Iver’s song “Woods”


8-bit chip: Flash clips like your favorite games from the 80’s
Duft Pank: a funky vocoder that sounds like a typical French electronic duo.

Sitar Hero: Inspired by Indian classical music.

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