Voice access apk

Voice access apk best application download

Voice access apk

Hands-free access through mobile computing.

are difficult to access sound (eg because they use,

helps the Android device by paralysis, tremors, or for temporary injury) is a touch screen that break the sound.

Access gives voice to the many voice commands:
basic navigation (such as “Back”, “go home”, “G-mail”)

Current Screen Controllers (such as “Next Tape”, “scroll down”)
Edit text and dictation (such as “Type Hello,” “take place with enough tea”)

You can also ask at any time to display a short list of “help” commands.

Voice Access is most commonly made the introduction of voice commands (Voice Access can tap, scroll starting, basic text editing and help get) a lesson.

They say, “Hey, Google, Google Voice Assistant can be used for access to audio access.”

You must enable the detection of “Hey Google” to do so. You can access key start tap each message or a blue Voice Access Voice.

To prevent temporary access right, just “say” stop listening. Voice can go completely disable access, go to Settings> Accessibility> Voice Access and off switch.

For additional assistance, help for Voice Access.

More about Applications 

It uses AccessibilityService API help users with the app motor disabilities.

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It uses on-screen controller information via the API to collect and allow them instructions based on user language.

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