Video and photo recovery apk

Videos &photo recovery apk Dumpster deleted photos and videos recovery downloaded

Video and photo recovery apk

Erase deleted photos in 2 minutes. The Ultimate Tool to Recover Deleted Photos and Videos!

With over 45 million downloads, Dumpster is Android Recycle Bin, the # 1 utility for deleted photos recovery. This is a quick and effective way to recover photos and recently deleted videos from a device or SD card. Recovering photos and data has never been easier!Videos &photo recovery apk

Accidentally delete an important photo or video? No need to look for dedicated photo recovery or recently deleted video recovery tool.

Everything comes in one piece with Dumpster – you can recover videos, recover deleted photos, recover recently deleted apps and other files. Recover data in seconds!

With flexible cloud storage, deep media discovery algorithms and additional security functions. Your files are always safe with Dumpster!


Video and photo recovery apk

Back up Android apps, media files, and more
✔ Recover important files, apps, recently deleted photos and videos instantly.
✔ Deleted Photo Recovery Tool – Recover Deleted Photos Effortlessly!
Delete deleted videos or photos or other media.

✔ No internet connection required and no need to root your device.
✔ Back up photos and videos in the cloud storage *
Lock screen functions *
Custom themes and designs *
* Comes with a premium account

Restoring and backing up files
The dumpster works like a trash can for your phone! Once you download the app, your recently deleted data will be automatically backed up without root privileges.

so you can recover files, recover photos and recover deleted videos. This is your one stop shop when you need to recover deleted photos, manual recycle bin, or recycle bin in your pocket. Recover videos, photos, and all data files – you name it. Dumpster does everything!

Protect your media now so you can recover deleted photos later
Protect your private photos, videos, and files with Dumpster’s app lock feature.

With a premium account you can protect your media files from external viewers and protect your Dumpster data with a secure 4-digit access code.


Recover deleted apps instantly

Video and photo recovery apk

The dumpster turns app recovery into a pie. Recovering deleted apps is pretty straightforward: enter the trash, tap the app you want to recover, and voila – it will come back to your device in an instant.

Dumpster provides backups for all apps, photos, videos, deleted documents and more. Regardless of what you want to restore, Dumpster can instantly restore it to your device. No need to look for a separate solution for backing up photos or restoring files!

Flexible and secure cloud storage

Video &photo recovery apk 

Free up valuable space on your device. Dumpster for Cloud Backup is a premium feature that allows users to save all recently deleted items to the Dumpster Cloud.

Download application 

Pay for as little or as little cloud space as you want. Dumpster’s premium users benefit from the ad-free experience, free custom themes, and app locking features.

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Should I back up my photos and videos?
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“How can I recover recently deleted photos and videos?”
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“What’s the best data recovery tool?” – It’s easy!
Fortunately, with Dumpster you can finally focus on something more important.

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