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True directory apk

Tired of repeated unknown calls?
Do you want to get rid of those annoying callers?
Can you help identify the naughty person behind those pesky, anonymous calls?

Then you’ve come to the right place. We’re here to help you with this super cool True Directory – Caller ID & Call Blocker app.

True Directory – Caller ID and Call Blocker App is specially designed to show you all the necessary details of the caller id

Reject real caller ID, their name and location, unknown / fake caller ID, unknown incoming calls and spam, telemarketing, fraud and callbacks.

True Directory – Caller ID and Call Blocker is the most popular application for identifying calls and plays a dual role in blocking unwanted and spam calls.

It’s a double-functioning tool as there is a caller ID app and a call blocker app on the other.

True Directory – Caller ID & Call Blocker app works efficiently when you receive an anonymous call by revealing the name of the real caller ID.

This is the best stand

-alone application to protect your communications and make them safe and stable.

True Directory – Caller ID and Call Blocker is the most authoritative, simplest, and simplest application.

This caller ID app always highlights details of incoming phone numbers that are not saved in your contact list.

Why would someone install this app?
The Caller ID app has some notable advantages;

Scan and identify your call log. Access contacts and view details of unusual calls.

• The most effective call blocker can automatically block and blacklist spam calls.
• Powerful number database to support the caller ID app to identify unknown numbers.

The most popular app for smartphone users who can easily reach any unknown caller with this unusual gadget.

Identify the real offline caller ID, name, location and address photo of the caller.

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Main features!

Caller ID: Caller ID is the biggest feature of this app that helps to know who is calling, it identifies the names of most of the caller IDs from unknown calls.

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It instantly reveals the details of an unknown caller so the user can easily decide whether to accept or decline the call.

Call blocker: block any numbers and texts you don’t care like scammers, loot calls, telemarketing, bill collectors, fraud, AIDS, harassment, etc.

Smart Call Logs: Highlight the location of the original caller’s name and phone number in detail in recent call logs.

It provides all missed calls, incoming and outgoing calls. Every call gets stuck with this great app.

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