Touch screen test apk

Touch screen test apk free download for Android

Touch screen test apk

TheTouch  and multi-touch testing and analysis for your mobile and tablet device.

The touch screen is one of the basic, important and usable components of a mobile phone or tablet.

You can easily check and test whether all touchable areas of your device respond correctly to touches or not.

And You can also easily check whether your mobile phone or tablet supports multi-touch, whether it supports multi-touch, how many touch points it supports.

You can check and analyze the screen quality of your device such as color purity or color rendering.

You can get detailed display information for your mobile phone or tablet.

Touch Detector:

A full-screen touchable grid is drawn on the screen of your device. This grid is divided into small parts that can be touched. Each part allows users to interact with it.

With this tool, users can interact with a single part or drag and move fingers across the entire screen, touched parts are highlighted in green. At the end, if the entire screen is highlighted in green, it means the touch test has passed, and if there is a part that cannot be distinguished even if the user touches it, it means that part or part of the touchpad of Your mobile phone or tablet is not working or not responding to user actions.

Multi-touch detector:

A full-screen touchable area that tracks the total number of touch points drawn on the screen of your mobile device or tablet.

This tool is designed to check if your mobile phone or tablet device supports multi-touch or not. This allows you to determine the total number of simultaneous touch events supported by your mobile or tablet device.

Color purity and rendering:

This tool draws multiple colors with corresponding color codes across the screen of the device. It allows users to analyze and study the rendering of different colors on the screen of your mobile phone or tablet device.

It also allows you to find shadows or yellow or black spots on the screen of your mobile phone or tablet device.

Show information:

Get detailed raw information about your mobile phone or tablet device’s display.

This feature provides screen size, screen density, screen refresh rate, frames per second (fps), screen resolution, pixels per inch (ppi), density independent pixels (dpi) etc.

Easy and fast to use and no root needed:

This app is very easy to use to test the touchscreen and touch capabilities of your mobile phone or tablet device and the best part is that this app does not require rooting the device.


This app is compatible with your mobile devices and your tablets as well.

Supported Languages:

2. (Arabic) العربية
3. Netherlands (Dutch)
4.français (French)
5. Deutsche (German)
6. हिन्दी (Hindi)
7. bahasa Indonesia (Indonesian)
8. Italiano (Italian)
9. 한국어 (Korean)
10. Bahasa Melayu (Malay)
11. فارسی (Persian)
12. Português (Portuguese)
13. Română (Romanian)
14. русский (Russian)
15. Español (Spanish)
16. ไทย (Thai)
17. Türk (Turkish)
18. Tiếng Việt (Vietnamese


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