Story downloader apk

Story downloader apk

Story downloader  for facebook  best app

Story downloader apk

You can use Facebook Stories Downloader to download Facebook photos and videos

There are many apps on Google Play to save Facebook photos and videos, but it is almost impossible to download media from stories

Because they are very beautiful and wonderful stories on Facebook and you don’t know how to download them on your phone

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With this app, you can download videos and pictures from Facebook stories easily and quickly.


How do you use this app?

1. Sign in to your Facebook account
2. Wait for the app to find stories about your account

3. Select a group or user with stories that you want to save
4. Download the photos / videos you want

1. This app is not affiliated with FACEBOOK.

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2. Unauthorized downloading or re-uploading of content and / or infringement of intellectual property rights is the sole responsibility of the user.

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Story downloader apkStory downloader apk

For Android, Story Saver is one of the most user-friendly apps which can be used to save Instagram stories.

The app is available for free on the Google Play Store and only uses 14 million of the storage space on your phone.

Download the app and log in with your Instagram account to get started. (You can also log in with Facebook to download Facebook stories.)

Once signed in, you can scroll through all the stories that users have posted on the homepage.

You can also find other users using the search bar. Select the video or photo you want and click “Save”. The image will be saved to the Store Saver folder created on your phone.

There is no in-app purchase in Story Saver, but one drawback is that it uses ads and many of them. Unfortunately this is a feature in most of the downloaded apps.

You can save stories from other accounts completely anonymously, but the app encourages users to make sure they have permission from that person, especially if they share them elsewhere. If you wish to do so, you can only use Instagram’s “Share Story” feature.

Story Saver also has a very decent desktop website which we will see later.

What is Instagram Stories Downloader? is an online tool for downloading IG stories and saving those stories live to any device.

If you want to view Instagram Stories before downloading, this tool is perfect for viewing Instagram Stories online. Instagram story downloader saves all IG stories on your device in high quality Mp4 format and is completely free.

If you are wondering how to save Instagram Stories from Instagram, we recommend reading the above tutorial.

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