Sim owner details pakistan

Sim owner details pakistan free download best application

Sim owner details pakistan

The Sim Owner Details Tool to Check Any Number Details

Sim Owner Details is an Pakistani App For Sim Details and All Number Against CNIC

How to verify SIM owner name with mobile number.

As mentioned earlier, a person who has a SIM number can verify the name and information of the person who owns the SIM number.

This method is straightforward for all SIMs, whether Jazz, Mobilink, Ufone or Telenor.

All you have to do is enter “MNP” from your SIM number, which can be Zong, Telenor, Warid or Mobilink.

People will send a message to “667”. Sending SMS to this message costs Rs 2,467. There are different alternatives from each network.

The SIM card holder name, registration number, registration name,

owner’s network and CNIC, and SIM serial number can be found in the received message.

The SIM card holder must have sufficient funds to send this message to “667” –

this system was introduced to switch networks when the biometric system did not yet exist.

If you want to switch your network to another network, this SIM card will pass the information to another network.

Additionally, individuals can browse many online websites and software to verify SIM ownership details.

This website includes SIM owner names, ID card numbers, addresses and registered SIM numbers in their names.

However, this is not feasible as you may invade someone’s privacy.

check jazz sim owner name

There are three easy ways to find Mobilink / Jazz SIM details or SIM holder names. Both methods are free. The methods are as follows:


As mentioned earlier, individuals can trace the owner of the SIM card number by sending a message by typing MNP on “667”. It costs about Rs 2.67.

There are 3 easy ways to find Warid / Mobilink, Jazz SIM details or owner’s name for free, 2 of which are free.

We have mentioned them below.

Phone preview

People can dial from their postpaid number or their prepaid number.

Download application 

People can reply by typing six and then typing one and then sending.

This way people can learn the name, ID card number and mobile phone number of the SIM owner.

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