Sensibull for options trading

Sensibull for options trading apk free download

Sensibull for options trading

Trade, create and analyze NIFTY, BANKNIFTY and NSE stock options and strategies.

Sensibull is India’s first and largest options trading platform. This is what we have:

Very easy and low risk options and strategies for beginners
Expert Options Strategy Builder to create

and analyze advanced options strategies
NIFTY, BANKNIFTY and NSE stock options. and USDINR (dollar) options.

NSE options series, open interest analysis, FII-DII analysis, option price calculator, intraday F&O charts, implied volatility (IV) charts, futures data.

Options data like Option Greeks, Put Call Ratio (PCR), IndiaVix
Real-time price and profit and loss notifications on WhatsApp

Lots of free video tutorials for options
Trade options with real money or learn and practice without real money with Virtual

Pre-built options strategies like call spreads, spreads, spreaders, strangles, iron condors, iron butterflies, ratio spreads, etc.

Sensibull is an independent startup with its own options trading platform (Sensibull).

Sensibull has hired brokers like Zerodha, 5paisa and Motilal Oswal to help you trade directly from the platform with the selected options strategy rather than copying the strategy.

To get the best options strategy

you first need to get a quote on a specific stock or index.

The supply can be bullish (stock prices will rise in the coming days) or bearish (stock prices will fall in the coming days).

For example, let’s say you believe that Nifty will increase by 200 pips in the next two weeks

You have an optimistic view of Nifty. Sensibull captures this view in terms of market levels.

For example, if Nifty is at 9300, you must enter the following details.

stock name

You need to select a specific stock or index that you want to create an options strategy on.


You have options to indicate your opinion on the market, e.g. B. Not Above, Below, Not Below, and Above Nifty Levels.

Determine which market levels are most appropriate for your offering. Like a Nifty “no lower than” 9300 or a Nifty “above” 9500.

refined target level

Enter the price you think the underlying stock or index will achieve. In our case it would be 9500 for Nifty.

delivery date

Enter the date by which you believe the underlying stock or index will reach your price target. For the example mentioned, that is 14 days from now.

Download application 

After that, all you have to do is click the Go button and Sensibull will provide you with a list of options trading strategies that match your market views.

More about best application 

In addition to the strategy, Sensibull also displays details such as profit potential, required capital and percentage return.

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