Secret mobile codes and tricks apk

Secret mobile codes and tricks apk free download best application

Secret mobile codes and tricks apk

Find out secret codes of all mobile phones for settings, firmware, IMEI number, etc.

There are many settings and hidden information available on your phone that can only be accessed by asking for secret codes.

Access all mobile secret codes to find out the hidden information of your Android phone.

This application contains secret codes for all mobile carriers and all Android phones.

Main features:

Get all mobile secret codes for all mobile phone models.
Get hardware and software details.
Find out the information of your Android device.

– imei number,
– Android firmware version,
– GPS test,
– normal phone test,
– real time check,

PDA and phone information,
packet retrieval package,
service menu,

– RGB image test,
– device information,
– open the device,
– reset the device,
engineering mode,
network tests,

– WLAN test,
– And a lot of code available.

– Order all these codes directly from the app or copy and paste the codes into the dialer to get the information.

Share and share mobile secret codes from the app.
– Copy icons.
– Add your most used mobile password to your favourites.

– Get the latest secret tips and tricks for Android phones.

What are USSD and MMI codes?

USSD and MMI codes are Android codes that start with a pound symbol or hashtag.

These codes are updated when Android releases the latest version.

In addition, some smartphone manufacturers have their own USSD and MMI codes.

USSD (Unstructured Supplementary Service Data) codes are commonly used to communicate with smartphone and mobile network operators.

This means that in order for USSD codes to work, you always need to be in touch with your carrier.

On the other hand, MMI (Man Machine Interface) codes allow you to access interesting information about your smartphone,

such as IMEI number, hidden list, repair services and much more.

Popular Android Icons

Here are all the popular Android dialer codes that anyone with an Android phone or tablet can use.

Below you can find a downloadable file for common Android icons.

Control panel secret code

* # 7284 # USB I2C mode control panel

* # 872564 # This code controls USB logging.

* # 4238378 # This secret code controls the GCF configuration.

* # 0283 # This secret code controls audio loopback.

* # 1575 # Manage and control the GPS menu.

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Phone information secret codes

* # * # 4636 # * # * This is the secret code of your phone information.

* # * # 4986 * 2650468 # * # * This code is used to view the details of the phone’s PDA, H/W, RFCallDate.

* # * # 1234 # * # * See PDA type and version

* # * # 1111 # * # * Secret code to view firmware software version

* # * # 2222 # * # * Secret code to view firmware hardware version

* # * # 44336 # * # * View your blood version ROM sale code, change blood time and list number

* # 272 * IMEI # – Use this code to change your sales codes and rearrange user data.

* # 0011 # This secret code is used to display the status information of your GSM network.

*#*#4636#*#* Shows all user data and important phone information from the start

* # 12580 * 369 # This secret code searches for software and hardware information.

* # 12580 * 369 # View all software and hardware information of your phone.

# * # 8377466 # Show information about all software versions and hardware versions of your Android device

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