The Recover All Deleted Accounts, Files and Contacts is the best app to recover and restore your account photos, videos, contacts and documents.

This app also includes duplicate remover feature. It helps to find duplicate accounts, videos, audios and documents.

In addition, it scans the phone’s internal and external storage. This is called “My Recovered”. * Recover your Gmail account.
Reply on Facebook account.

Recover deleted photos and messages.
Recover files after deletion.
Account recovery.

Retrieve messages and email addresses.
(istirja3 sowar) Forward messages and delete photos.
Recover video files and messages from WAV files.

Best program for easy retrieval of deleted photos
Best recovery program for deleted files
You forgot your secret number

because you can easily find and delete the recovered account. An app backup feature has also been added to back up your app’s data to memory.

The app is available for free on the Play Store and the installation and setup process is easy to understand.

This is where App Recovery can help you recover any accounts you have previously uninstalled.

The smartphone search screen shows who is calling you before you answer the call.

App Relevant Data Account for Windows recommends steps to remove and reveal passwords to change passwords

hidden behind stars or dots using

a password recovery account. Data Account the Password Recovery Software Saves

passwords for all types of emails configured across all types of websites and emails from popular email services such as Gmail,



Hotmail, Outlook, Yahoo, AOL, etc. Displays whether you have configured POP3-SMTP. Or SSL TSL or IMAP based settings on basic authentication settings.

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Please note that this is just a documentation app for data account recovery apps and does not automatically perform any such action on any of your devices. It’s perfectly safe.more about Applications 

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