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Mobil phone checker

In this world most of the people doesn’t afford expensive, luxury and new mobile phones, so they purchase used or second hand mobiles from different classified platforms like Olx, eBay, Amazon. So this app is basically designed for those people who buy used mobiles to check each and every feature of their mobile phones before buying. PhDoctor (Phone Doctor) will completely test your mobile and ensure you about each feature of your mobile and save you from any kind of cheat or fraud.

Design of phone doctor is very simple and easy to use. A normal lay person can easily understand that how to check hardware and a software of a mobile.

Main Features

Device Detail
Phone Report
Hardware Test
Other Tests

Phone report

This feature will generate a complete mobile report that includes device details, hardware details, and software details. You can use this report as a photo on classified platforms (Olex, eBay and Amazon ETCC) and share it with phone buyers. The basic test is:


This mobile phone test feature will check if your mobile phone is renewed or genuine.
Note: The result of this feature may not be valid.

★ Hardware testing

This feature includes mobile phone manual testing. The user can easily test each mobile device with just one click. The hardware tests are:

Colors test (Red, Green, Blue)
Light dimming test
Microphone test
Receiver test
Vibration test
Main camera test
Front camere test
Accelerometer sensor test
Gyroscope sensor test
Proximity sensor test
Light sensor test Compass test
Touch Screen (Multi-fingers) test
▶ Hard Keys (Volume, Power, home and back keys) test
▶ Flash Light test
▶ Speaker test


Ultimate android phone analyzer. Hardware, Software & Battery assessment checkup

Note: The icons used in this app are freely available in the public domain, if you believe we have made an error.

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