One card metal credit card apk

One card metal credit card  apk best application download

One card metal credit card apk

A new type of credit card for the mobile generation

The Credit cards have not changed much in over half a century, so at OneCard,

our team of experienced bankers, technologists, and designers set out to redefine the credit card for you – the consumer.

Why OneCard?

It’s metal
There are no annual subscription fees. There are no hidden fees either!

5 times the reward points in the top two categories in one month
Powerful mobile app to control your card

We built OneCard on the principles of simplicity, transparency, and return of control to the user.

This is a secure and peace of mind experience as OneCard’s suite of technologies is wholly owned and operated by us.

Manage all aspects of your credit card on the go with the powerful OneCard app.

OneCard application

Keep track of your available balance
Manage your credit limit
Transaction and spending analysis
Instant Bonus Redemption

Manage additional cards
View and download bank statements
Manage billing refunds easily
Use your virtual OneCard for all online spending

The OneCard is a credit card offered by FPL Technologies in partnership with IDFC FIRST Bank, South Indian Bank (SIB),

Federal Bank, BoB Financial and a secured credit card backed by FD to build creditworthiness with SBM (State Bank of Mauritius). ).

Interest rates are among the lowest in the industry and are determined by your credit profile and our assessment of risk.

You must be over 18 years of age and a resident of India to be eligible for OneCard.

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OneCard is currently available by invitation only and approval is dependent on the office and internal credit policies.

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