Merge Fusion: Monster Playtime

Merge Fusion: Monster Playtime apk free download best application

Merge Fusion: Monster Playtime

Combine mother spiders and vegetables to make them. Upgrade strength and win battles.

The competition between the world’s largest integration players is about to begin.

Wugy Soldier and Mommy Spiders are furious, all eager to fight, but they need a leader with a clever strategy to gain the upper hand.

Are your fusion skills enough to win this epic battle? Collect the monster squad now and fight! 3

How to play
Add 2 matching spiders or wigs to unlock new fighters.
Monsters look cool and when you get ready they get even more powerful.

The more monsters you summon and merge, the stronger your army will become.
Use wise tactics when preparing your squad to take advantage of the battles.

Special game features

Fun and addictive gameplay.
Suitable for players of all ages
Various monsters to strengthen your team
Lots of unique features coming soon!

Download : Monster Playtime now and enjoy the integration!

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Fusion Integration: Monster Playtime MOD APK can be used on any Android device with Android 4.2 and above.

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