Love stickers for massenger apk

Love stickers for massenger apk download

Love stickers for massenger apk

1000+ animated emojis for love stickers, 10+ categories and free.

Love Stickers – More than 1000 animated love emoticons stickers and more than 10 categories and completely free, this app offers.

This app is a free animated library of emojis, smileys and stickers. You can use it when chatting with your friends through any social app (eg.

It’s free!
Over 1000 emoji, smileys and stickers in 10 categories!
For example love, maylover, thank you, happy, rose, hello, bye, no… will find what you want.

They are animated!

They are love stickers!
easy to use
• Provide two ways to send animated

emoticons, either GIF or video. Animated sticker is not supported for some applications, sending as a video will result in the same result.

Download application

More about apps

see the youtube channel

★ Usage
• Step 1: Click on the emoji/love stickers you want to send, then it will move at the top of the screen.

• Step 2: Click the arrow on the right and choose whether the poster should be sent as an “animated poster” or a “video”.

Step 3: Choose your chatting app and share these animated love stickers with your friend. It’s as simple as that!

★ Useful Tips
You can save frequently used love emoticons / rose stickers / lover smileys under “Favorites” by long clicking on it.

If you no longer like it, you can also remove it from “Favorites” by long clicking on it in that group.
• Click menu button to rate this app and share this app with your friend.

You can’t wait to see how surprised your friends are when they see your message, right?
Download now and try!
I hope you like it like the others

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