Jazz world account

Jazz world account  best network

Jazz world account

Welcome to the Jazz Digital . Jazz World is a one stop solution for all your Jazz / Warid account needs. Now you can easily manage your account with just a few clicks.

Amazing features:
ib Qibla direction compass
See and receive warnings about prayer times in your city

7 verses and hadiths of Mubarak Daily
New digital rosary counter
Browse the best jazz ringtones and set your favorites (for prepaid users)

Play more than 250 games at Jazz World
Take advantage of 12000+ discounts from your favorite brands and restaurants!

Get free internet every day. Log in every day and claim a new bonus each time. Count daily to win big prizes

friends Invite friends to get free data. Get 50MB for each friend’s invitation, while your friend gets 100MB. Invite more friends to win more prizes

Account Management Features

Jazz world account

prep View your prepaid balance

and postpaid bill
Download your own invoiced bill
Be aware of your usage, remaining megabytes,

minutes and text messages
Show expiration dates for your purchase packages on prep prepaid numbers

Favorites Subscribe to your favorite packages and offers
. Create your own package
balance Share your balance with any prepaid jazz number

Log in with one click while using the az jazz data network
Manage 5 numbers with your Jazz World account…download now👇👇👇

packages Packages Get specially recommended packages and offers for your use

Recharge your prepaid balance and pay your postpaid bill using JazzCash, credit / debit or recharge cards

complaints Submit and view the status of complaints
disc Get special discount package
usage View and download your usage history

View and download recharge history
a View and download a package subscription log

Or order a new or replacement SIM card and deliver it to your doorstep
upload tax certificate
* Non-jazz users can also try the app

And much more

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