Internet speed meter Lite

Internet speed meter lite apk download best application

Internet speed meter lite

Is a simple and easy tool that allows you to keep track of the use of Internet speed and data

Internet speed meter light data amount of data used in the notification area of the status bar displays your Internet speed display.

Using this tool helps you to monitor all network connections.
The app is completely ad-free.

Back features on
Status Bar and update speed of real-time notification.

Daily traffic usage notification.
Count the number of different mobile networks and wireless networks.

monitors for the last 30 days of data and traffic count.
Battery efficient

Pro Features
Notification dialog
A notification dialog that appears when you tap a notification

Last minute chart monitor Internet activity –
and the current session
Use this app for both mobile and Wi-Fi
Improved reports

The message appears only when you are connected to the Internet.
Support topics
You can manually choose the color of the user interface.

PTA mobile tax calculator 

Blue status bar icon
The option to choose between blue or white status bar icon. (For KitKat and the Android version)

Download application 

Upload and download speeds
You have the option to upload the download speed in separate messages to display.

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