How to use close all apps

How to use close all apps apk best application download

How to use close all apps

Close all apps running in the background. Clear RAM memory and save battery power.

With KillApps you can quickly close all apps running with a simple touch! It saves battery power, frees up memory and improves performance.

This app improves the performance of your phone.
Speed ​​up your phone
Freeing up memory
By saving the battery
By cooling your phone

Your phone runs a lot of apps in the background, which uses up your system’s resources and as a result your battery runs out and the available memory is reduced.

Close all running apps.
Turn off background work and services.
Supports user apps and system apps.

Close all running apps.
This app can block all running apps and background processes.

A job finisher
This app is a very powerful task color that eliminates tasks and processes.

Speed ​​booster
With this app you can speed up your phone when it is running slow due to many apps running in the background.

Ram cleaner
This app improves your phone storage by freeing up RAM and making room for new apps.

Battery saver
Closing apps can help save battery power and extend battery life.

CPU cooler
Closing apps can help lower your phone’s temperature and reduce CPU usage.

Closing apps helps break all apps.

Game accelerator
Closing apps helps speed up games and increase gaming performance.

KillApps Pro

The Kill apps pro version allows you to delete all apps, both user apps and system apps.

Forcibly stop all running apps.
This app allows you to automatically pause and delete apps running in the background one by one.

Your privacy is protected.
This app does not collect any data.


This app uses accessible services.
This app is an excellent automated solution for users with physical disabilities

and muscle fatigue who have difficulty communicating with the screen, especially when performing complex tasks such as reading over and over again.

B. Forcibly shutting down several apps one after the other.

This app automates one of the most repetitive tasks with the user interface, the “Force Close Running Apps” task!

And it does so by automatically closing all apps one by one,

thus helping users with physical disabilities and muscle fatigue avoid having to manually close each app in the system settings.

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This app needs access service permissions to be able to close other apps.

This app can get the active contents of the window to find the button that forces an app to close in the system settings and then mimic the click action.

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The app can monitor interface-related actions to control the process of automating app

closing by monitoring migration between windows while emulating interactions with the interface.

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