How to Download Video From YouTube & Facebook: 2024 Tricks

How to Download Video From YouTube & Facebook 2024 Tricks is a popular website that allows users to download videos from Facebook quickly and easily. With, you can save any public Facebook video to your computer or mobile device without needing additional software or apps.

In this detailed review, we’ll cover everything you need to know about this handy online video downloader. Read on to learn about’s features, pros and cons, safety, and more to decide if it’s the right Facebook video downloading solution for you.

What is is a free online tool and Chrome extension that lets you download videos from Facebook. It works by providing a simple interface where you paste in the URL of any public Facebook video post, customize encoding settings, and download the video file directly to your device.

Some key facts about

  • Founded: 2021
  • Founders: Unknown
  • Headquarters: Unknown
  • Platforms supported: Website, Chrome extension
  • Number of users: Unknown but seems widely used

The service is completely free and does not require you to create an account. It’s updated periodically to fix bugs and enhance the user experience.

Features of offers a straightforward way to save Facebook videos with just a few clicks. Here are the key features users enjoy:

Download in MP4 format – Videos are saved as MP4 files that can be played on any device.

No account required – You can use without having to sign up or login.

HD quality supported – Videos maintain their original quality up to 1080p HD.

Download albums – Entire Facebook albums can be downloaded, not just single videos.

Custom encoding – Advanced users can customize MP4 encoding settings.

Chrome extension – The browser extension lets you download videos with one click.

Completely free – No premium subscription or fees required.

No watermarks – Downloaded videos do not contain any watermarks or branding.

Fast speeds – Videos download quickly thanks to’s optimized processing.

User-friendly interface – The site is clean and easy to navigate for downloading videos.

Periodic updates – The developer frequently updates the site and extension with new features and fixes.

Pros of

Completely free serviceNo fees, subscriptions or payments needed to download videos
No account requiredUse without creating a profile
Intuitive interfaceEasy and straightforward to paste links and download videos
Fast download speedsVideos process quickly with optimized encoding
HD quality supportMaintains original video resolution and quality
No watermarksDownloaded videos do not contain watermarks
Download albumsCan download entire Facebook albums
Custom encodingAdvanced customization of MP4 settings
Chrome extensionOne-click video downloading from browser
Frequent updatesSite is actively maintained and improved

Cons of

Only works for FacebookLimited to downloading Facebook videos
No customer supportLack of user docs or communication channels
Potential legal concernsUnclear whether downloading violates Facebook ToS
Requires public videosPrivate videos cannot be downloaded
No mobile appOnly accessible through website and extension
Cannot download user dataOnly downloads video files

Is legit? is a legitimate service in that it works as advertised to download videos from Facebook without any malware or viruses. However, there are a couple concerns regarding the legality and safety of using

  • No official authorization from Facebook – There is no indication Facebook has authorized or partners with
  • Potential ToS violations – Facebook’s Terms of Service prohibits unauthorized downloading of content.
  • No customer support – Lack of user documentation raises accountability concerns.

While many users report safely using with no repercussions, there is an inherent risk anytime you use unauthorized methods to download content from major platforms. Use discretion when choosing services like Alternatives

Here are some top alternative sites and tools for downloading videos from Facebook and other sites:

WebsiteKey Features
SaveFrom.netDownload from YouTube, Facebook, Instagram and more
4K Video DownloaderDownload from YouTube, Facebook, Vimeo and more
Y2MateConvert and download YouTube videos
VideoProcDownload from 1000+ sites
4K YouTube to MP3Extract MP3 audio from YouTube

Conclusion and Verdict: Review

Overall, is a handy utility for easily downloading and saving Facebook videos to your device. It offers a seamless process requiring only a video’s URL with no registration necessary. The download speeds are fast, video quality remains high, and the interface is clean.

However,’s unclear legal standing and lack of customer support could be concerning. Users should exercise discretion when using these types of unauthorized third-party download services.

For most everyday Facebook users who occasionally want to save videos, gets the job done well and likely poses little practical risk. But more cautious users may prefer utilizing authorized tools like 4K Video Downloader instead.


Is free to use?

Yes, is completely free and does not require any premium subscription.

What format do the downloaded videos use?

The default download format is MP4, but you can customize encoding settings.

Can I use on my iPhone or Android?

Yes, works seamlessly in mobile web browsers to download Facebook videos.

Is there a limit on how many videos I can download?

No, there are no limits imposed on the number of videos you can download through

Are the videos watermarked or branded?

No, downloaded videos do not contain any watermarks or branding associated with

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