How To Check a Phone Charger Original? Ways to Verify Originality

How To Check a Phone Charger Original Ways to Verify Originality

Ampere is a popular Android app that allows users to accurately measure the charging and discharging current of their device’s battery. With over 10 million downloads and a stellar rating of 4.3 stars on the Google Play Store, Ampere is one of the most trusted battery analytics tools available today.

The app provides key insights into the power flowing into and out of your device, whether it’s being charged or used on battery. By monitoring these currents, Ampere enables users to diagnose charging-related issues, optimize charging habits for improved battery life, and ensure their phone or tablet is receiving expected charge rates.

In this comprehensive review, we’ll explore what Ampere is, how it works, key features and capabilities, alternatives, and verdict on whether Ampere is worth using in 2024.

What is Ampere App?

Ampere is an Android utility app developed by Brain_trapp that allows you to measure the instant charging and discharging current of your device’s battery. It utilizes your device’s fueled hardware to provide average current readings based on multiple measurements.

Using a simple and well-designed interface, Ampere provides real-time analytics into charging performance. The amperage levels indicate whether your device is charging slower or faster than expected given the charger and conditions.

Troubleshooting features make it easy to identify issues with cables, wall adapters, phone connectors and internal electronics affecting charging speeds. For maximizing battery life, Ampere offers charge cycle recommendations based on usage patterns.

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How Ampere App Works?

Ampere uses the in-built voltage sensors of your Android device to provide accurate measurements of instant battery currents. The sensors sample the power flowing into/out of your battery numerous times per second.

These current samples are then processed using filtering algorithms to display an average current in milliamps or amps. The averages mitigate temporary fluctuations, presenting you with a reliable indication of charging or discharging performance.

For displaying the current readings, Ampere features both numerical and visual representations. The simple yet elegant user interface allows even novice users to quickly diagnose charging issues or monitor battery usage cycles.

Features of Ampere App

Ampere comes packed with useful capabilities to help you optimize battery charging and troubleshoot performance issues.

Charging and Discharging Measurement

The core functionality of Ampere is measuring instant charging and discharging currents. Using the seniors in your device, you can view the average amperage or milliamps over a configurable interval.

Monitoring charge and discharge performance is key to identifying issues and optimizing for longevity. For example, lower than expected charging current could indicate problems with the charger, cable or port. High discharge currents can reveal misbehaving apps.

Pro Features

For power users, Ampere offers advanced analytics and customizations via a Pro upgrade. Pro features include home screen widgets, automatic tracking over set periods, notifications when charge milestones are reached, Android Wear integration and more.


Ampere aims to offer current measurement capabilities across thousands of Android devices. However, due to hardware limitations, some devices that lack certain voltage sensors are not supported. Before downloading, you can verify compatibility with your smartphone or tablet.


The developer puts accuracy as a top priority. Readings are based on an average of samples taken from integrated voltage sensors. The averaged values mitigate temporary spikes or drops in currents. Overall, the analytics provide a reliable indication of battery performance.


A key benefit of Ampere is identifying and diagnosing charging-related issues. Abnormal current readings can reveal problems with chargers, cables, phone connectors and internal charging components. Ampere guides you towards the most likely hardware or software culprit.

By confirming expected charge rates based on the charger used, you can easily weed out faulty equipment leading to slow charging. The app helps mitigate unnecessary costs in replacing functional accessories.

Pros of Ampere App

Accurate MeasurementsAverage current values from integrated sensors offer reliable insights
Identify Charging IssuesTroubleshoot problems with chargers, cables, connectors etc
Improve Battery LifeOptimize charging habits based on detailed charge/discharge data
Elegant InterfaceSimple, user-friendly design for easy usage
Wide CompatibilityAims to support thousands of Android devices

Cons of Ampere App

Pro Version Locks Some FeaturesKey capabilities behind paywall for basic users
Inconsistent Support Across DevicesCompatibility issues on select hardware configs
Uses More Battery When ActiveContinuously accessing voltage sensors impacts battery life

Ampere App Alternatives

AppDeveloperKey Features
Charge MeterHeartinz TechnologiesLog charging sessions, simple usage
AccuBatteryDigibitesPredict battery lifespan, health metrics
DevCheck Device Infoflar2Extensive device diagnostics capabilities
Network Cell Info & WifiM2CatalystSignal strength meter, network analytics
SuperBattery & Charge MonitorMtdl DevelopmentBeautiful interface and widgets

However, Ampere stands out from competitors with its sole focus on accurately and reliably monitoring instant battery currents for troubleshooting and optimization. The elegant interface also makes it one of the easiest to use apps in its category.

Conclusion & Verdict: Ampere App

In summary, Ampere is an invaluable tool for any Android user looking to enhance their device’s battery life and performance. With its instant current analytics, troubleshooting help for charging issues, and optimization recommendations, getting the most out of your battery is hassle-free.

Despite minor shortcomings like features being paywalled, Ampere delivers excellent utility given its straightforward interface, wide device support and most critically – consistently accurate and reliable battery monitoring capabilities.

Our verdict is Ampere is a must-try app for getting more productivity and longevity from the most crucial smartphone component – the battery. For monitoring performance and identifying charging problems leading to draining issues, Ampere excels with its unique focus on actionable power metrics.

FAQs: Ampere App

How accurate are the measurements provided by Ampere?

Ampere provides average current values based on multiple measurements from integrated voltage sensors, offering users a reliable indication of charging performance. The readings mitigate temporary fluctuations in currents.

Can Ampere be used to troubleshoot charging issues?

Yes, by confirming expected charge rates based on the charger used, Ampere makes it easy to identify faulty cables, adapters, connectors or internal electronics leading to abnormal charging.

Are all devices compatible with Ampere?

While not every Android device is supported, Ampere is designed to work across thousands of smartphones and tablets. Users can verify compatibility before downloading.

Does Ampere offer any features besides current measurement?

Yes, Ampere’s Pro version offers additional features like home screen widgets, duration-based tracking, charge milestone alerts, Android Wear support and more.

How can users resolve issues with Ampere not working?

If facing problems with Ampere on a supported Android device, users can refer to the developer’s app support forum which offers helpful troubleshooting tips based on diagnostic data. Reinstalling the app often resolves operational issues.

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