Dual apps

Dual apps

Dual apps hide app not root

Dual apps

Clone and run multiple accounts of the same app at the same time (social apps and game apps)!

Data protection zone and app clone function
* When the app is cloned, the dual app will not install any other apps on your device for your device to run smoothly.

* The dual application provides data protection and leaves no traces on the phone system.

This means that your private account can be hidden and not seen by others, so the security of your data is guaranteed and your privacy is protected.

Keep multiple social accounts logged in at the same time
* Create your personal account and work account online and you can easily achieve work life balance.Dual apps

* Social media, games and other applications can log into the second account in the dual app. The receipt of various account information and the data in the account do not conflict with each other.

* There are two accounts connected to the Internet at the same time, and they can easily switch between two accounts, and the information of each account is managed independently.

Dual apps

Protection of application information that is opened twice
* Dual app can hide notifications about app dual open messages. Users can select “Show hidden app notifications”,

“Do not show hidden app notifications”, and “Notification shows number of notifications for hidden apps.”

* Not displayed in the app switcher menu (The opened app was hidden in the last one. Are you sure you want to show it in the last one?)


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