Do not touch my phone

Do not touch my phone apk free download

Do not touch my phone

Concerned about the safety of your cell phone while sleeping and traveling and especially in busy markets or crowded areas.

Do you want your mobile phone to be powerful enough to handle itself? Then download the Anti-Theft Alarm:

Don’t Touch My Phone app and get rid of your cell phone security worries.

Anti-Theft Alarm is a mobile security app. It takes care of the security of your mobile phone and makes

it sound to protect itself from all the threats that are out of your hands. As long as your phone is in your hand, it’s safe,

but soon you’ll leave your phone outside of the safe zone to charge. Anyone can hack your mobile phone while charging,

especially if they know your password. The anti-theft alarm uses a special “Don’t Touch My Phone” pocket sensor (proximity sensor)

to detect and notify the owner when someone else touches their phone. “Don’t touch my phone”

alarm protects your phone from pickpockets especially when you are in busy areas.

Another major problem

that cell phone users complain about is battery drain which is usually caused by charging the cell phone over time. To solve this problem,

the anti-theft alarm has a full battery alarm function that reminds you that your mobile

phone is charging and also tells you when to unplug your phone. it’s time!
Anti-Theft Alarm:

Don’t Touch My Phone App is a foolproof mobile phone security app.

It trains any cell phone to react immediately with a motion sensor alert when someone else moves it.

So if you go to work and you don’t have someone to look after your accessories,

don’t worry, your cell phone will take better care of itself and everything around you

because our phone security app It also has a voice detection feature.

. Yes, with the voice detection function, you can catch any thief like a real thief detector.

Theft alarm mobile security app is basically a motion sensor app with a phone security alarm.

The main features of our Don’t Touch My Phone app are:

Main features:

Do not touch my phone

Full battery charge alarm when cell phone is fully charged
Don’t touch the pocket sensor in my mobile

phone to protect your phone from the pocket
Anti-theft phone motion sensor to protect

your phone from any unusual lifting or suspicious activity
Noise detector to protect you from theft

Anti-theft lock to protect your different apps and private messages even from your spouse

So, if you see it somewhere alone,


don’t touch it, especially after 2020, it may have a burglar alarm:

Don’t touch my phone app. Yes, this is a message for all those who like to use other people’s cell phones in their absence.

A very serious call indeed and if you are a victim whose mobile phone is stolen or it is constantly used without your permission

and you are desperately looking for an effective anti-theft app or anti-theft alarm app.

Then, download Anti-Theft Alarm:

Don’t Touch My Phone and enjoy a worry-free life indoors and out. Wait, don’t forget to rate and review us.


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