Designer tools apk

Designer tools apk download best application

Designer tools apk

Enhance your app design to give your mirror a shine with Designer Tools for Android

Developer, have you always wanted to review your UI design implementation to specification?

Always wanted to validate a color or layout?

Designer tools provide a variety of functions for reviewing and validating application specifications. Whether you’re checking your keystrokes or that shade of blue,

you’ll definitely want to add this app to your toolkit. Even if you specify red lines, it’s a great way to check every pixel.

Grid Overlay – Quickly switch between screen grids to check layouts for inconsistent spacing or misaligned elements. You can even customize the grid size and font colors.

Mockup Overlay – Display a mockup over your app. This gives you a high resolution way to see how the design specifications match up with the user interface being developed.

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Choose from vertical or horizontal overlays and adjust the opacity for an effective comparison.

Color Picker Drag your finger around the magnifying glass and select the color hex symbols at the pixel level.

Screenshot Details – Add a panel to all screenshots showing device, screen, and Android version information. You will love this QA team.

Do you have any ideas for another tool that we can incorporate?

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