Clip to find apk

Clip to find apk best application free download

Clip to find apk

Find your phone in a bag in a room or in a drawer with just a few claps.

Do you / your home phone regularly lose office?
Did you waste a lot of time searching?

If so, Clap Search is an app designed for you.

Quick clap three times to set up and start
Sound / vibration / flash alarm modes
Customizable ringtones and volume
Custom time for alarm games

If the auto-launch app is set to mute the phone
Stop clapping is not required for example if you: in office hours
Auto-adjust sensitivity based on Android device

Adjustable sensitivity
Widget for easy activation / deactivation
Low battery consumption

Download application

Just turn on the app and feel free to find out the power of your phone. Now that your phone is glowing by its / ringing / vibrating, clapping will tell you where you need to find it.

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