Camera Blocker apk

Camera Blocker apk best application 

Camera Blocker apk 

Camera Blocker is a camera privacy protection tool. Camera Blocker deactivates and blocks your phone’s camera and protects the camera from misuse, unauthorized or unethical access to the camera.

Camera Blocker blocks access to the camera for all apps and the entire Android system (no root required).

The protection of privacy is very important for everyone. There are many applications available on the Android platform that can be run with the permission of the camera.

You can always take background photos or videos without your knowing. The camera blocker protects your privacy by blocking access to the phone’s camera.

The best thing about this app is that the app itself doesn’t require any camera permission. So your phone camera is 100% secure, this app cannot access the phone camera either.

This app uses the authority of the device administrator. Within the device administrator, this phone uses the “Disable cameras” security policy to protect the cameras.

free for free users
The free version of the app has no limit on the protection of camera blocks, so the free user gets complete protection for camera blocks 24/7.

Amera camera blocker functions

Camera 24/7 full camera block protection against any unethical or unauthorized access to the camera.

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Block and protect the camera with a single tap on the widget or notification. (Pro feature)

Automatic camera block at set time intervals.

Application notification launcher for temporary camera access to selected apps. (Pro feature)

View the list of apps using the camera license.

View statistics and potential threat levels for every app allowed by the camera.

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