Avast cleanup booster apk

Avast cleanup booster apk,


Avast cleanup booster app apk:

Avast cleanup booster apk,

Free up a space you didn’t know existed

Evest Clean Upload is a very effective app to clean cache and junk for Android.

For faster and more efficient phones, you can save click files and unused applications with a simple click.
Waste Cleanup feature optimizes your phone’s performance and speeds up the process of removing trash from your mobile phone.

Avast cleanup booster apk,

We also did the cleaning

Organ analysis
An in-depth scan of your device’s storage, which provides robust junk and file cleaning, plus tips and opportunities to improve useful performance.

With Clean Premium Subscription, you can take advantage of the following features:

Advanced Image Optimizer: Control the size and quality of custom images using the comparison view to help you choose the right settings for you.
Hibernate mode: hibernate apps to extend battery life and speed up your phone
Auto Clean: It allows you to clean regularly without interruption so that your device works quickly at all times.
Remove ads: remove ads from your cleaning experience.
Everest Live Support: Contact Everest directly from the app to get a fast response to your inquiry.

The cleaning suggestion option provides a detailed overview of all the data on your phone.
Uninstall apps with one click to free up space, speed up your device, and block Android logs.
Clean Phone Cleaner identifies and cleans the largest files, media, applications and junk in your device.
Use the ignore list to mark items on your device that you do not want to include.
Android Get your storage space by optimizing and speeding up your Android device.


Avast cleanup booster apk,

You can access your data whenever you want, while saving more space on your phone. Transfer everything to your favorite cloud storage system with Cloud Transfer.

Other benefits:

Hey files I left untouched
Get rid of unused apps
Clear the cache, media, and other large files
Enhance strength, efficiency and speed with continuous cleaning
Clean up pre-installed apps, remove junk mail, and remove Bluetooth you don’t need.

Avast cleanup booster apk,

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