Auto redial apk

Auto redial apk

ویڈیو کتو دپارہ لاندی لاڑ شئ👇👇

Simple dialer to auto-dial a specific number.

The program is designed to automatically connect to city, long distance, and international numbers, in addition to SIP and IP.

The application supports two SIM cards (two slices).

The app has support for scheduled calls. You can set an automatic re-order schedule with various options.

پہ سترگو👇👇

The program contains the following types of tables:
One time at a specified date and time
Frequent visits at certain times of the day or certain days of the week.
– Repeated calls after a certain period of time.

استعمال  موبائل 👇👇

In the app settings, you can enable or disable the phone speaker during a call. (By default, this is enabled).
Also in the settings, you can turn off the alarm with a sound alert before the scheduled call starts.

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All required permissions are required for the job. The data will not be transmitted, will not be collected, nor will it be processed, and will be used for making calls.

This is the beautiful  and application  for the auto redial  call

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