Anti theft alarm apk

Anti theft alarm apk download best application

Anti theft alarm apk
Mobile Saturday (thief prevention)
Warning when plugging in the charger. (Do not disconnect charger)
Burglar alarm.

1. Anti-theft alarm system (do not touch my phone)
If an unknown and unauthorized person has a mobile phone, the owner is alerted by a high-pitched alarm tone. This is an anti-theft alarm system to secure the mobile device.

2. Anti-mobile snatcher (thief protection)
If you are away from home and in a crowded area there is nothing to worry about. Theft alert: do not touch my phone The app will not allow anyone to touch your phone.

A loud theft alarm sounds. Hence, your phone is safe and secure.

3. Warning when charging the charger. (Do not disconnect charger)
Sometimes when we are at the airport or in a public place we plug in or charge

the cell phone to charge and are usually very anxious to charge it. No more worrying about anti-theft alarm: don’t touch my phone, the app secures your phone.

If someone pulls your cell phone out of the socket, you will be warned by a theft alarm.
4. Burglar alarm
This is the most important feature of an anti-theft alarm system.

You don’t have to worry if someone snatches your phone or steals it forcibly or ruthlessly. Anti-theft alarm: don’t touch my phone the app will help you very well.

As soon as the intruder tries to open the phone, a selfie is taken by the front camera and sent to you via email. And the location will be sent to you via Google Maps.

Theft Alert Only

Don’t Touch My Phone The app protects your phone from all angles.
Settings for the anti-theft alarm system
Anti-theft alarm system: do not touch my phone The app is very simple and easy to use. I’ll tell you about the settings.

The default password is 5555 Anti-Theft Alarm Developer user can change it.

Alarm tone:
There are many alarm tones that you can change to your liking, such as: B. more load, more convenient, etc.

Notification via power plug:
A theft alarm will notify you every time you unplug the charger.
Thief Selfie and Phone Location:

This is a very important option to take a secret selfie or photo and send it to you via email and google map location. This is the main feature of the anti-theft alarm app.

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Theft alert

Do not touch my phone is a security application that works with the Android platform.

This is a very simple application with all the security options available in 2020 as the security of the cellphone is a very important factor over time.

People buy a wide range of cell phones and they are always worried about their safety. Theft alert: don’t touch my phone app which solves customer security issues.

Anti-theft alarm: do not touch my phone the app will be very safe and helpful.

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