All mobile secret codes apk

All mobile secret codes apk free download for Android

All mobile secret codes apk

Mobile passcodes are available for the following mobile phones.

All secret codes for mobile 2022 includes common android secret codes including network, gps, reset any device, password recovery, forget password, software and WH info, auto answer selection, radio frequency band selection, Camera pixels, WLAN MAC address, and display CSS icon are included. Bluetooth, WLAN Test, Firmware Version Information, Factory Test, PDA, Display IMEI Number, Ultra Mode, Service Menu, Check Update, Reset Device, Unlock Device, Forgotten Pattern Recovery, Engineering Mode, GPS Test Mode, Info Device, software information, hardware information, RGB image test and more.

Passcodes are available for the following mobile phones:

Check all Android secret codes including Network, WLAN Test, Firmware Model Information, Manufacturing Facility Test, PDA, Show IMEI Number, Ultra Mode, Check Update, Reset Device, Unlock Device, Forget Recovery Patterns, And Engineering Mode, GPS Mode, Device Information Display, Image Test, Large Manufacturing Module Reset RGB and TON, SIM Lock, Incomber SIM Card, Phone Statistics, Battery Logs, Usage Data and Wi-Fi Information, Detect IMEI, Lock your Smartphone, Display System info Display info in firmware Show Wi-Fi MAC Address Access Gtalk Service Access email info Calendar display specification Camera info Interior lighting fixtures test Screen test Touch screen info Update version RAM, take a look at Bluetooth and more.

There are many settings

and hidden information for your phone that can only be accessed by dialing secret codes.
Get access to all Mobile Secrets codes to find out the hidden information of your Android phone. This application contains secret codes for all mobile operators and all android phones.
Dial all these codes directly from the app or copy and paste the codes into the caller to get the information.
Check all popular android secret codes including network, gps, bluetooth, wifi test, firmware version information, factory tests, pda, show imei number, ultra mode, service menu, check update, reset device, unlock device, forgotten pattern recovery , engineering mode , GPS test mode, device information, software information, hardware information, RGB image test and more.

These secret codes can also be used to access Android’s secret portal and its services. Check used Android phones before buying, find out the device manufacturer, find out the OS version, find out the hidden information on the camera and back up your data. There are many symbolic or numeric sequences that provide easy access to system settings for various purposes


– Share and mobile secret codes from the application.
– Copy icons.
– Add the most used secret code to favorites.
– Get the latest secret tips and tricks for your Android phone.

* Get all cell secrets and engineering symbols for all cell models.
* Get key points from hardware and software.
* Find out records from Android devices
* imei number,
* Android firmware version,
* GPS test,
* Perform a general phone test,
* Real-time verification test,
* PDA and phone information,
* package retrieval package,
* Device information
* Density information
* product name
* Country of Origin
* production date
* Knox warranty is void
* color
*Product Code
* Original CSC Code
* CSC Code for Firmware
* Active CSC Code
* CSC Codes Available
* CSC بلد Country
* Cellular service provider
* Android device serial number
* chip
* Modem board
* Hardware review
* total memory
* Monitor
* sound card
* sensors
* battery

warning! Some manufacturers do not allow the use of these secret codes and they may not work on your device. Before using this code, back up your data to protect it. This information is intended for experienced users. It is not intended for simple users, hackers or mobile thieves. We are not responsible for any use or misuse of this information, including data loss or hardware damage. And use it at your own risk.

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