4k Wallpaper Generator apk

Colartive, 4K Wallpaper generator

4k Wallpaper Generator apk 

– 4k Wallpaper Generator is the first of its kind app and unique custom 4K wallpaper generator .

that provides combination of color, art and creativity in a very simple and easy way. With Colartive,

you can create thousands of unique AMOLED wallpapers, minimalistic, material, pattern, aesthetic, abstract, vector, 3D,

gradient and artistic in 4K quality with custom choice of colors with just a few simple clicks.

Why CLARTIF – 4K wallpapers generator?
With hundreds of exclusive, high-quality 4K templates ready to use,

Colartway unlocks the possibility to create your own unique, high-quality wallpaper.  only that, but unique and uniquely crafted templates are added every week to follow the trend.

there is no limit to your creativity. All templates are modified according to your mobile display size.

the mobile wallpapers you create will be custom wallpapers for your home screen and lock screen which has the best possible solution including HD, Full HD, Quad HD + and WQHD +.

Features of Colartive – 4k wallpapers generator

4k Wallpaper Generator apk

Current updates
Colartive is a straightforward app. This means you’ll always see more new features and unique templates in our weekly updates.

More templates mean new custom 4K wallpapers for your home screen and lock screen.


Canvas Editor
Choose a template of your choice and fill it with beautiful color combinations on the canvas editor.

ویڈیو کی لیکل

Colartive offers a bunch of useful features so that it pays more attention to creating unique color combinations for your high-quality custom wallpapers such as:

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In-app Gallery

4K Wallpaper generator

All the unique 4k wallpapers you have generated can be found just inside the app. No need to rush on Mobile’s app gallery.

the wallpapers you like the most can be saved as favorites.  you always find what you have generated in the easiest way possible

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