05 Best Fitness Tips of the Day

It is the dream of every person to become fit.Fitness is very important for every person now a days. Following list of fitness tips of the day may help you to improve your fitness level.

Just follow these fitness tips and enjoy your fitness.

 1 – Speed ​​up your metabolism!

It is often said that after the age of 30/40, metabolism becomes slower and it becomes increasingly difficult to keep fit. In fact, the body and processes in it change all the time – on average, every ten years.
This is particularly pronounced in women because our bodies are subject to greater changes – in fact, we change every month – before and after menstruation, when fluid retention and the like are more pronounced. Of course, it has to be taken into account that, just like any functioning device, the body will need better care and maintenance over time to keep it working as well. That is why there is also a need to focus more on physical activity and food when the age of 20 is over and the metabolism continues to slow down with each passing decade.

2. Fitness Fashion Say No !

You may have noticed that there is a so-called “fitness fashion” everywhere in the world. There are times when you are “trendy” in the gym, there are times when everyone is just as enthusiastic about running, there are times when snowboarding goes into fashion. However, it must be understood that every sport, just like school subjects, can be enjoyed by one and not at all by another. No need to keep up with fashion!
It should also be remembered that combining physical activity is recommended. Because each sport has a different intensity and muscle group load. It is good to mix these loads and intensity. The body also gets used to a steady load, which will result in a much smaller effect than when you offer something brand new and unprecedented.
For example, if you run on the track at the gym at a steady pace year after year, nothing will change in your body because your body has long been accustomed to this load and remembered it. Even after a while, your heart rate will not increase and your workout, though regular and done, will not be at the pulse rate when your fat starts to burn.
Remember that the body has good adaptability and memory, so it has to offer something new and it has to “get out” of the comfort zone. Then the result will definitely not be missed!

3. Calories are spent all the time

I think everyone has heard that it is only after a certain amount of workout that the body starts burning fat reserves. In fact, it’s not some unspecified, mystical time, but it’s easy to explain why.
For example, if I eat oat flakes for breakfast and go to the gym in a moment, I will burn only the oat flakes eaten in the first half hour and only the second half of the workout will begin to burn fat reserves. This applies to all physical activities. Likewise, when people try to calculate how much time they need to spend on a treadmill or bike, they often forget that the calories we spend a day all the time – non-stop. Eating, talking, laughing, too, only happens very, very slowly.

4. Which areas of the body lose the fastest kilograms ?

As I work more with a female audience, I can say with certainty that every woman’s body changes differently.
Unfortunately, but it happens. However, we can partially compensate for this by training a beautiful bottom shape.
Breasts have a lot of adipose tissue, so I think when they lose their extra pounds they “suffer” first. But in general, you can’t name specific parts of your body where the excess disappears first – it’s very individual.

5. Round people – Genetics exist, but nothing is impossible

Of course, genetic factors do exist, and if a person is all round in the family, it is likely that he or she will also face such a problem. However, it cannot be said that it is impossible to change something even with such genetics.
Yes, it is harder, more to analyze, to think about what to do and how. But there is also a comforting message – for those who have a lot of excess weight, their weight is lost at a much faster rate as their metabolism accelerates and their weight “shifts”.

We hope that you like our fitness tips of the day and try to understand these tips in your life.

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